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This hustle has to be one of the first that came out on the internet. YouTubers have channels on everything under the sun. The trick is to make it profitable. You could actually make pretty much anything on YouTube profitable, you just need to be likable and know how to create videos that people will want to watch. If you get your view count high enough, you could make a nice second income on ads alone. There are even plenty of people who use YouTube as their main income.

The first step is to come up with an idea for your channel. It has to be something that you’re passionate’ about. Do you enjoy making jokes? Or how about flying drones? The best channel to create is one that gets you excited. Different styles of channels can be reviews, funny videos, advice, business, teaching, commentary, ranting, and lots more. We chose this for our Side Hustle Master List because it’s so easy to start, and you can make it about anything you like.


Make a YouTube channel




Will need to build a following on YouTube.


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Monetizing YouTube videos

Once you have an idea of your channel, the next thing to do is plan out content. Monetized channels work best when they release a steady stream of content over time. Once you have some content up, take time to study how to gain the most views on YouTube. Some light SEO skills are good to learn and keep an eye on what’s trending. Now, you have to choose what way you want to monetize your channel.

The easiest way is to put ads on your videos. You get paid for each ad that a person watches while on your channel. Another way is to promote products during your videos. Be careful to do it in a genuine way, otherwise, you could lose viewers. Also, it’s important that you’re promoting things that are related to your channel. So if you do videos about cats, don’t promote a new lawnmower. You can find links to more ideas below.

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