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If you’re both creative and analytical, this might be the perfect side hustle for you. People use apps on their phones 9 times more often than they use an internet browser. Companies are always looking for the best way to reach customers, so if you can design an easy-to-use app that resonates with people, someone will buy it from you.

If you don’t have the background to code your own app, you can partner with somebody who does. In that situation, you’d probably have to bring a size-able investment to start (or find money from startup investors). Another option is to use an app builder. Just like there are website builders such as Squarespace, there are app builders like AppsBuilder. You can choose your template, customize as much as you want, add creative features, and publish an app available on all smartphones for as little as $14 per month (you’ll have to choose a higher subscription to monetize it, though). We chose this for our Side Hustle Master List because there’s an option for everyone.


Develop an app




Requires coding skills; well-designed apps can be profitable.


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How to monetize

There are a few ways to monetize an app. The most basic is to monetize it through in-app ads or asking for a purchase to remove ads. This can help your app become popular since people can use it for free. Another way to monetize an app is to sell your app. This only applies if you’ve actually built the app and haven’t used an app builder (since they actually own the code). This can be an extremely lucrative way to go if you have the connections. In fact, the most expensive app ever sold was WhatsApp. It sold to Facebook for $19 billion. It might take some work to get to those numbers, but it’s possible. Here’s some more info on starting your own app:

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