Hustle Meter

Side Hustle Team

So here is the dilemma we had when first setting up our website.  Emphasis on HAD!  At the time, we wanted a nice tool we could use to visually show off useful metrics about any particular side hustle idea we spoke about.  Something clean and compact that could be quickly embedded into any given blog post.  We searched high and low to find the perfect word press plugin, but we couldn’t find one we liked or did exactly what we needed it to.  So, we decided to design and develop our own, which we did, and lovingly dubbed it the Hustle Meter plugin.

The plugin links to a centralized database that stores ALL of our side hustle ideas.  Within each database are key attributes:  Concept, Category, Takeaways, Complexity, Capital Required, Skill Required, Time Required, and Return Potential.  The core metrics displayed are on a slider that correspond to a 1 – 5 rating.  So, if we rated Capital Required as a 5, then it would visually show the dot on the slider on the absolute far right of the scale.  If a 1, the far left, and so on.

Of course, the ratings are based on a combination of hard data we’ve research and practical subjectivity.  We’ll keep refining our database over time, and definitely ask everyone to challenge anything that might seem off.  So don’t be bashful.  If you have some thoughts as to how we can make a particular entry MORE accurate, just let us know and we’ll look into it.

Hustle Meter Cheat Sheet