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The gig economy is alive and well, and Task Rabbit is just another way for you to make extra income. Remember when you were younger and could go around your neighborhood and get paid to do odd jobs? That’s basically what Task Rabbit is all about. It connects people who need things done with able-bodied people who can do it.

You don’t need any advanced training to work through TaskRabbit, and their variety of job types ensure almost anyone can find something to do. Their services include yard work, cleaning, moving, furniture assembly, and making deliveries. Most beginning Taskers charge between $22-$30 an hour, though you can make more for certain projects. The versatility of this side hustle is why we chose it for our Side Hustle Master List.


Task Rabbit




Easy to find jobs via TaskRabbit online; requires specific physical skills to complete tasks around the home.


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Get PAID to Wait

Yes, you can make money to wait with Task Rabbit.  You know how people will wait in line for a day or more just to buy the newest iPhone? Well, you could stand there making $35 an hour to keep somebody else’s spot. It might not be that stimulating, but it isn’t hard either. Another lucrative service on their website is furniture assembly. It might come easy to you, but you could monetize this skill and help others to improve their own home.

So how do you get started on the site? Well, you have to fill out a registration form and watch a few videos. If your application is approved, you’ll have to pay a $20 application fee and attend an orientation. After that, you can set your rates and receive notifications about jobs in your area. You can provide services in any number of areas. Check out the links below for more information.

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