House Sitter

There might not an easier side hustle than house sitting. You can get paid for living in another person house and doing your own thing. Just be sure not to throw any big parties. Pay can range depending on the area you live in and the people asking you to house sit, but you can expect to pocket an easy $50 to $100 per paying job.

House sitting is especially easy if there aren’t any pets involved. With no set schedule to keep, you can go to work, do errands and just make sure everything is all locked up at night. Most people house sit for people they know. So, if you’ve just moved into an area, it can take some time to meet people you can house sit for. But as you get to know your coworkers and other communities you’re involved in, you’ll make connections that can lead to house sitting opportunities. You could even put flyers up in your neighborhood. But once you have an opportunity, you’ll see it’s a pretty simple task, and that’s why we chose it for our Side Hustle Master List.


House Sitter


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Requires transportation to dwelling; overnight jobs will pay more; income varies based on location; requires time/effort to establish a reputation and broadcast services (completion of a comprehensive online profile via multiple trusted sites).


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House Sitting for Travel

Another option for house sitting is to do it for travel opportunities. If you have a remote job, you can look for house sitting opportunities in places you’ve always wanted to go. There are websites that connect house sitters with people who need them, and you can find opportunities all over the globe. Usually, the only compensation you get is free rent, but that can be a sweet deal. To join these sites, it’s helpful if you have references of people you’ve house sat for. Your online profile is your first impression, so it’s important to make it as strong as possible. Check out the links below for more tips.

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