Rent Out Your Belongings

There’s a good chance you have some things laying around that you don’t use very often. Do you have a bass guitar sitting in your closet? Or how about an old laptop that you could clean off? When you sign up for Fatllama, you can list an item for free for someone to rent. It’s super easy. Just start by choosing the category, uploading photos, and setting your price.

You’ll get messages from people interested in your rental. Strike up a conversation, choose somebody to meet, and start the rental. You can rent by the day and make arrangements for a longer rental. Currently. Fatllama is in large metro areas like New York, LA, and Chicago, but it is growing in lots of other areas as well. If you’re in a place that is just starting up, Fatllama will offer you an extra $20 just for signing up and listing an item. Now that’s what we call easy cash. It’s clear to see why Fatllama made it onto our Side Hustle Master List.


Rent Out Your Belongings


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In person exchange; Fatllama has damage protection


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Fatllama’s Guarantee

Giving your things our for strangers to use comes with its risks, and Fatllama knows that. Their guarantee includes up to $30,000 dollars to cover a stolen or lost item. However, it doesn’t include normal wear and tear that doesn’t affect the usability of the item.

For example, if you rented out a guitar and it came back with a little scratch, that wouldn’t be covered. But if you rented out a camera lens and that came back with a scratch, that would be covered since it affected the purpose of the lens.

Just browsing the site, you can see what people rent out. Everything from motorcycles, audio/video gear, and golf clubs to iPhones and AirPods.

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