Use Your Car as a Moving Billboard

Here’s another one for the car owners. And this one admittedly takes a little more commitment. We’re talking about using your car to advertise for companies via Carvertise and Wrapify. These are two businesses that are capitalizing on the desire of side hustlers all around just like you. If you have a car, and if you meet their driving qualifications, they will put an advertisement on it and pay you as long as that ad campaign lasts.

This can be an awesome opportunity, especially if you drive your car a lot for work. Carvertise only pays a flat $100 per month, but Wrapify may pay you more if you drive around more miles. This is a great gig to combine with Uber or Lyft, since you’re increasing the revenue you get from the time you are already spending in the car. And it earned a high spot on our Side Hustle Master List.


Use Your Car as a Moving Billboard




If you already own a car and are located in well-populated area, this could be a quick way to earn a few dollars


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The Fine Print

Carvertise has a few requirements. You have to drive at least 30 miles per day and you have to be in an area with enough people (cities or metro areas). They pay $100 for the month if you decide to take on an advertisement.

You don’t get to choose exactly what company advertises on your car, but you can decline to participate in any campaign you choose to.

With Wrapify you need to drive at least 800 miles in a month. The rates that you could make with them are more variable and include whether you have a light, partial, or full wrap on your car.

Both of these companies apply the wraps for free and take them off for free. They won’t damage your car. To learn more, check out the resources below:

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