Refurbish Furniture and Antiques for Resale

Refurbishing furniture and antiques is an awesome way to make some extra money. It takes a little creativity, but once you have it rolling, your sales will pay for your next buys. You do need to be able to put a little money in at the beginning. Plan on a couple hundred dollars to buy the right piece of furniture and tools to refurbish it.

Estate sales are a great place to find furniture. Most of the time, families just want to get rid of old items and don’t have the time to refurbish old items. When shopping around, look for items that have “good bones.” They don’t have to be pretty on the surface but make sure there aren’t any big cracks or missing parts. You can fix some things, but the goal here is to turn the furniture around for a profit as soon as you can. You have the chance for a nice profit with this hustle, and that’s why we chose it for our Side Hustle Master List.


Refurbish furniture and antiques for resale


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If you’re thinking about getting into the antique market, make sure that you’re knowledgable in that area. If you’re not, make sure you know someone who is and who you can call on to help you appraise items. This is important for two reasons. First, you don’t want to be taken for a ride when you’re purchasing items to flip. There’s many a sly granny out there who will pretend not to know they have the one Beanie baby that’s only worth a dollar. If you don’t have the knowledge, you could overpay for something you think is worth a lot. When it comes time to flip, you’ll be disappointed. This side hustle has good potential, though. Take a look at the links below for more info on flipping refurbished furniture.

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