Furniture Making

This isn’t just a side hustle for those with carpentry or construction experience, but you can do this even if you haven’t touched a hammer before. The trend of “rustic” looking furniture really plays in our favor, here. Just make sure to create enough of a finished product so people won’t get splinters.

The most basic types of furniture to build are probably tables. With chairs, you have to worry about the comfort of somebody sitting, so it’s best to start out in another area. If you’ve done any research on wood prices, you’ll see that an unfinished piece of mahogany or cedar can be had for a price that’s fractions below what a finished mahogany table would sell for. But don’t jump into the big stuff just yet. Try your designs out with some fir wood first. It looks plain by itself but it’s sturdy and cheap. We chose this side hustle for our Side Hustle Master List because it can provide a great creative outlet at the same time as extra cash flow.


Furniture Making


Home Products/Services


Need access to tools, space, materials.


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Design Ideas

As for designs, just take a look around Pinterest in the furniture section and see if you can build something similar to what everyone’s talking about. You’d be surprised at how many tables can be build just by using a few planks of wood and some screws. When you’re pricing your furniture, compare your finished product to others in your geographical area. Take into account the time it took and if you’ve added any creative elements. If you use the right tools, you can create some pretty nice furniture in your garage and sell it for profit. Speaking of tools, be sure to buy professional tools that are reliable. For more information on this side hustle, check out the links below.

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