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Shopkick is an app that lets you get points for things you do on a daily basis (related to shopping). You don’t have to spend any money if you don’t want to (which is good). But if you happen to shop at stores in the Shopkick family, you can earn points or “kicks” by paying with a linked credit card. Shopkick is like a cash-back system that works in a multitude of places. Except instead of cash, you get gift cards. Gift cards are useful, though you could actually sell those for cash as well.

So what exactly is the program? Well, Shopkick gives you kicks for eight different things you can do. These 8 things are: walking into certain stores, scanning barcodes of select products, purchasing with a linked card, submitting a receipt, visiting specific online stores, viewing online products, making online purchases, and watching videos (ads). We chose this for our Side Hustle Master List because you probably do many of these things regularly, and Shopkick lets you monetize it.


Scan items for ShopKick


Business Services


Requires travel to stores and physical ability to scan items


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Breaking down the points

Of the eight ways to get points, three require you to spend money. Don’t worry, though. It seems like you can make a good amount of kicks doing free things. One easy thing you can do is walk into a store. Really. All you do is go in the store and check in with the app, and you’ll get kicks. You can get up to 50 kicks at a time this way, so try to go to a mall to maximize your kicks. When it comes time to redeem your kicks, this is how Shopkick breaks it down: you can redeem 500 kicks for $2, 1250 kicks for $5, 6250 for $25, or 12500 for $50. True, it would take a lot of time to earn 12500 kicks. But if you’re making points on things you already do, it adds up. Check out the links below for more strategy on this side hustle.

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