Organize People’s Houses, Closets, and/or Lives

Do you have the gift of organization? Are all your files put away and does your home office look like an actual office? Then you could help others with your skill. Not everyone is born with the ability to organize. But people recognize that you can have a more carefree and productive life from good organization. That’s why people all over are paying personal organizers to come in and set their life in order.

One great thing about working as a personal organizer is that a disorganized person will most likely need help again. You could offer a one-time service price or a monthly price. If you build value into what you offer, getting repeat clients should be easy. When you work as an organizer, don’t just come in and work on their closet or garage alone. See if you can get them involved. Try to offer skills or techniques that you can teach them. You’ll boost the value that you provide to your customers and increase the chance they’ll want to work with you again. We chose this for our Side Hustle Master List because it can be a very rewarding job.


Organize People's Houses, Closets, and/or Lives


Home Products/Services


Requires advertise online and build customer base.


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Another option you have as a personal organizer is to specialize in a certain area. You could specialize in closets, kids toys, books, offices, garages and outdoor equipment, or kitchens. Specialization can give you an extra edge over your competitors. You might think that you’d get fewer clients this way, but people will be much more likely to hire you for their specific need. Often, search for “closet organization” or “kitchen organization” instead of more general search terms. If they come across your specialized website or profile, they’ll be confident they can trust you. For more information on this side hustle, check out the links below.

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