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We’ve all had days where you get home and you are just too tired to make food. You’re super hungry, but you don’t have the energy to prepare a meal. This is the time when you might reach for some Chinese leftovers, right? ¬†Or maybe swing by a fast food chain? ¬†Fortunately, there are some great solutions to this problem in today’s market.

There are a couple of different versions of meal prep services. The first one is a service where a kitchen provides prepped ingredients and recipes. ¬†Customers then simply come by and make a quick meal for themselves. This model is a little hard to do if you don’t have a commercial kitchen because Health codes limit what you can sell out of a personal kitchen. The second kind of meal prep service is where a company will prep and put together a meal that is ready to be heated up at home by the customer. This is a little more feasible to do in your home kitchen and is our preference on the Side Hustle Master List.

Meal delivery plans

You’ll need a way to send and deliver your meals, so it might take some time and some money to find the right packaging and food grade shipping boxes. But if you are working up to health code standards, it’s possible that your home kitchen can be approved for use in this business. A business takes a passion for food and the ability to come up with great recipes that people will love. You can also make a name for yourself specializing in certain diets like keto, gluten-free, or vegan. Once you have your recipes together, do a test run with friends and family and see if they can follow the instructions to heat up and enjoy your meals. For more ideas, check out the links below.

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