Sell Snacks or Food at Work

We’ve all had those days where you show up to work and realize you didn’t bring anything to eat. You’re on a budget and don’t want to blow it on an expensive lunch out, so you might try to skip lunch altogether. Wouldn’t it be nice if one of your coworkers had brought in some extra snacks? You’d probably pay a few bucks just to have that convenience.

You can be that helpful person and make money doing it. You probably won’t make a whole lot in one day, but over time it can offset the expenses you have in your life. Plus, over time you can tailor the snacks you bring in to what people in your office like. There might be a vending machine available, but fresh fruit and healthy snacks might be scarce. It takes just a few extra minutes at the grocery store and not much cash at all. This made it onto our Side Hustle Master List for those reasons.


Sell Snacks or Food at Work




Depends on company size and culture; could market as a fundraiser, consider premade vs. homemade goods; keep allergies in mind


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Supply and Demand

The success of this hustle depends on the supply of snacks and healthy items that your co-workers have around them already.

If your building has a food cart right in front of it, or if you have a small cafeteria, it might be harder to sell snacks to your co-workers since they can just walk downstairs and get some for themselves. But if you’re in a medium or small sized company that has a break room with one or two vending machines, that’s the perfect scenario. It also helps if your office isn’t very close to a convenience store or grocery store.

Of course you work at a grocery store your co-workers can pretty much get any snack they want right away without you being the middleman.

If you’re in the right scenario for snack-selling, here are some more ideas:

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