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DJing might be one of the most enjoyable side hustles on our list. Think about it. You get paid to help people party. How awesome is that? But as with any business, you need to be good at what you do and how you market what you do. We’ll talk about a few considerations with each of these below.

First, make sure you have the skills and the equipment required. As far as skills go, it’s good if you’ve grown up playing music. The language of music can be hard to learn sometimes, so be prepared to stay up late getting your chops together. You don’t have to be a music theory genius, but you should know about tempos, song structures, and harmony. This knowledge will make it easier for you to create tracks and also make playlists for different situations. For example, did you know that house music sits between 115 and 130 bpm (beats per minute), while trance and techno go up to 140? Once you have the musical foundations down, you can expect between $100 and $500 depending on the gig. That’s why it’s on our Side Hustle Master List.


Event DJ-ing


Entertainment & Events


Advertise online, requires equipment.


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Gear and Marketing

Another crucial element is the right DJ equipment. A decent setup will run you at least $500 while a professional setup can cost $2000 or more. The equipment you have dictates the sound you give off, and if you cut corners your audience might be able to tell. Once you have the equipment, start networking online and offline. Weddings are great events to DJ because there is a set format and people often give you their song requests ahead of time. Corporate parties also pay well, as do Bar Mitzvahs. It just takes a little time working your contacts to get the opportunities. Interested in this side hustle? Take a look at the links below for more information.

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