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8 Sleep Hacks To Help You Get After It


Side hustlers need adequate rest so they can maximize every hour in their 24hr day. If you’re not getting high-quality sleep you can’t get after it! Here are 8 sleep hacks to get the rest you need to hustle your way to the top!


1. Eliminate White Light

Did you know that there are different colors of light on the light spectrum? They can range from white/blue to orange/red. You want to stay away from the white/blue end of the spectrum because the type of light emitted from them can affect your sleep! 

This happens because when white/blue light enters your retina it sends signals to your brain that it is daytime. The most common exposure to white light in your home is through TV, cell phone, and laptop screens as well as from new energy efficient light bulbs.

The hack here is to use only old school light bulbs, download blue blocking apps for your phone and laptop, and in really desperate times you can even buy blue blocking sunglasses that you can wear around your house in the evening or while you’re up late working on your laptop.

Don’t worry – no one will see you!


2. Natural Light Exposure In The AM

The time of day that you want to get light exposure is first thing in the morning. Within 30 minutes of waking up, you should get your eyes and skin into some natural light. This will help your body to know what time of day it is and to start making all the right hormones, like cortisol, to be awake. 

Since cortisol is at its highest in the morning and slowly decreases throughout the day, by nightfall you’ll be good and sleepy!

Try developing a routine where you get outside and get into some natural light first thing in the morning. You can combine this with a tip below!

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3. Sleep In Complete Darkness

Just like your body needs the right kind and timing of light, it also needs complete darkness to get good sleep.  It’s all part of the cycle! Take a look around your room; do you have a bright alarm clock or screen in your room that emits light all night long? Do you have sheer drapes or blinds that don’t block out enough light from outside street lights?

Even these small amounts of light can be enough to trick the body into thinking its daytime when you’re trying to sleep. Remove any unnecessary sources of light from your bedroom and then cover up the ones you can’t. 

Complete darkness will help you get the restful sleep you need to be a successful side hustler.


4. Develop A Night Time Routine

Our bodies are creatures of habit – they like routine. Developing a good night time routine can help your body and mind to unwind from the day more easily. This will make it easier to fall asleep since your body knows what’s next. 

Incorporate some relaxing things into your routine, turn the lights low, and pre-warm your bed. These rituals will help your mind relax into sleep even before your head hits the pillow!

Most importantly, put the screens away at least 1 hour before you would like to be asleep. The white light and the stress associated with them can be enough to keep you awake!


5. Reduce Or Eliminate Caffeine

Okay, this one is tough, but caffeine can negatively affect your sleep. Too much caffeine or having it too late in the day can make it hard for your body to shut down for the night. 

A good general rule of thumb is to stop drinking any form of caffeine at noon. If you REALLY must succumb to the sweet delicious smell of a fresh pot of coffee brewing try drinking decaf instead for the flavor.

Side Hustle Coffee
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6. Exercise

Getting exercise is so beneficial for our bodies! Not only does a healthy weight promote good sleep, but exercise can trigger the right hormones in your body to promote restful sleep. Exercising first thing in the morning is best since it will kick start your day – and you can get in your dose of natural morning light at the same time, too.

We all know side hustlers need to multi-task where they can to save their energy for their business! Try listening to a Pod Cast while you’re out getting in your morning work-out. 


7. Eat A Light Dinner

Eating too much food right before bed and can be a bad thing. Your body is an intelligent machine and it takes great pride in knowing which task is the most important at any given time. Your body will prioritize digesting a meal before it will switch tasks to releasing the right hormones for sleep.

If you eat a large meal then your body is too busy digesting to allow you to get restful sleep. Try eating a bigger meal at lunch-time and a smaller meal at dinner time. That way your body isn’t bogged down by digestion and can get to work on getting high-quality sleep!


8. Check Your Magnesium Levels

Magnesium is known as the sleep mineral. This is because magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer and helps to make a sleep neurotransmitter, called GABA, in your brain. Many people are deficient in magnesium since stress can rapidly use up our magnesium stores and the soil our food is grown in is deficient from mass farming practices. 

If you’ve followed all of the above advice you should consider whether taking a magnesium supplement might be beneficial for you.


Final Thoughts

Getting high-quality sleep regularly is essential to your success at your side hustle. Using these 8 sleep hacks to get the rest you need will ensure that you’re able to hustle your way to the top! 

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