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7 Apps to Keep Track of Your Mula in 2019

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Are you having trouble keeping a budget? Do you have your money stored in multiple places and want to monitor it all? Or maybe, you want to achieve your financial goals by analyzing your finances regularly? If yes, then a personal budgeting app is what you need to get on track.

The problem is there are so many money management apps that you can end up downloading 20 different ones before finding the right one for you. We broke it down for you, so that you can choose the app that fits your financial budgeting needs.

Take a look at what we’ve scooped up:

1. Mint

Mint is a great app if you want to know where all of your money is on your different devices. It is one of the best-known and super-detailed budgeting apps. Comprising of two sections: investment and budgeting, mint has a stronger budgeting side to offer as compared to other apps. Mint comes in at number 25 on the Top Charts for finance.

With multiple features to track your credit cards, bank accounts, investments and cash flow, Mint.com offers a range of services to help you stay in line when it comes to accounting.

It notifies you when you go over-budget or when payment due-dates draw near. Its main focus is to provide a detailed overview of your money, and covers a huge range of banks, lenders, credit card issuers and other such financial institutions.

2. You Need a Budget

This excitingly exceptional money management app, commonly known as YNAB, offers a unique approach to financing. Although, it is ranked #117 in finance, it’s worth taking a look at.

Rather than following the same budgeting pattern, YNAB makes you follow the principle “every dollar has a job”. All you have to do is assign a job to each dollar (it could be debt payments, living expenses or savings) based on your income. YNAB helps you keep an eye on your money and forces you to truly think before spending the cash.

You Need a Budget is great for couples managing their budget together. It offers you automatic or manual sync with bank accounts, as well as both desktop and mobile interfaces. Its multiple goal tracking features help you reach your money goals efficiently. YNAB is here to get you out of living the paycheck-to-paycheck life, and into a stable saving life.

3. Acorns

The concept of Acorns is to aid you in painless saving. Whether you want to start investing with zero effort or save up money as a college student, Acorns is there to help you out. Being #24 on the finance top charts, its for real worth checking out.

The app is based on automating good economic behavior. Let’s say you buy a product using your card that is connected to the app. Acorns rounds up the cost to the next highest dollar. The difference is then automatically invested in the ETFs (exchange traded funds) of your selection. In this way, your pocket change is put to good use and you start investing without putting the effort into actually investing.

This feature is free for college students and charges just $1 for everyone else.

Acorns offers a new function similar to a shopping app, called “Found Money”. When you shop from certain brands, the brand partners automatically invest in your Acorns account. Getting some free investment? Doesn’t sound awful, actually seems pretty awesome.

4. Personal Capital

Raise your hands if you want a hybrid of robo-advisor and human-advisor for your investments! It might be #147 in the finance top charts but it is an App Store Staff Pick. Here’s the load down.

Personal capital is helpful for managing investments while budgeting, hence providing a complete investment advising solution. Unlike many apps, it offers free access to money tracing dashboard. It also features automated investment fees analysis and details about asset classes. The app has a captivating interface using graphs to demonstrate progress. Have Personal Capital be your financial advisor, and for a considerable less cost. Your personal interests are always their number one priority. It also helps you plan for retirement, never too early to start thinking about that!

If you wish to focus primarily on investments, then Personal Capital is definitely worth considering.

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5. DollarBird

The uniqueness of DollarBird app lies in the calendar form of your budget. This interface gives you a glimpse of your finances without wasting time. It may not have a ranking on the top charts in finance, we are ranking it on our charts.

DollarBird gives you the liberty to categorize your transactions using various color codes. You can easily insert periodic transactions (for example, your paycheck). Plus you can also manage your spending limit by looking at your projected balance. DollarBird asks for manual insertion of your transactions but not to worry, it’s quite simple! You can collaborate with your partner or family members to make it simple for everyone to be on the same page. Not too shabby of an app, if you ask us.

6. Wally

Who thought money management could be this simple? Wally may not be a ranked top app right now; it certainly was in the past and is used by many worldwide. It has a ranking in our hearts for its simplicity.

Such a clean, simple, straightforward app, Wally makes you an organized money manager. Instead of filling in your expenses manually, simply take a picture of your receipt and Walla! Wally has done the job for you saving you several steps. This app offers a huge range of currencies, which makes it more interesting. Wally gives you a convenient way to track your budget that suits your millennial taste.

7. GoodBudget

GoodBudget is yet another visual app that helps you connect and share your budget details with your partners via iPhone or Android spectrum. Coming in at #73 on the finance top charts, it has a spot on our list.

The app is based on the older concept of envelope budgeting. When you make a transaction, you can break your expense down into categories called envelops. When you run out of money in a certain envelop, you stop spending from it or add to that one. Having an insight of the leftover money enables you to manage your finances efficiently. It starts you off with 10 envelopes for free, and is certainly an app to help plan your spending as well as tracking it!

Start managing your money at the tip of your fingers using the app that will best fit your budgeting needs.

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