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5 Side Hustle Ideas That Will Keep You Fit

Do you want a side hustle that will keep you fit at the same time? Do you spend your time at your day job sitting at a desk barely moving? Having a side hustle that keeps you fit can tick off two boxes on your to-do list by keeping you fit AND making you money. It can save you money too since you won’t have to pay for an expensive gym membership!

But, which jobs can do you that accomplish both of these things? Here is a list of five side hustles that will keep you fit and earn you some great money on the side!

1. Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer can be a rewarding job. You get to help people become healthy and feel better about themselves! But it can be an excellent way for YOU to stay healthy, too! It doesn’t take a lot training to become certified as a personal trainer and there are training programs you can take after your regular work hours.

Once you become certified you can train people in your off hours and stay fit yourself! It’s a flexible job that you can work around your day job schedule since most people want to see a personal trainer after their own work hours, too.

If you have a passion for fitness and want to train other people to get fit then this is a great choice for you!

2. Dog Walker

Do you like dogs? Cute, furry, lovable dogs? Then becoming a dog walker (referenced in our Side Hustle Master List) could be a great way for you to stay fit while earning some side hustle money. If you have daytime availability there are lots of people who are at work all day who need you to take their best furry friend out for a walk while they are away for the day.

This job would be great for stay-at-home moms who want to earn a little money to help with the bills. You could easily walk a couple of dogs while pushing a stroller at the same time! If you don’t have any children to bring along dog walking can be a great way to earn money and take a break from the social world for a while!

Depending on your area dog walkers can earn up to $20 per hour per dog. Many dog walkers charge an additional $5 per dog if the person has more than one furry friend for you to walk.

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3. Cleaner

Some people would turn their noses up at the idea of cleaning as a side hustle. But you shouldn’t! Cleaners make excellent money considering there is no training you need to take in order to do the job. Depending on your area some cleaners can make up to $30 per hour! If you need three hours to clean a house then you would only need to clean two houses a week to earn some nice side hustle cash!

To start in cleaning you will need to put yourself out there. Tell everyone you see that you are starting to clean houses, ask friends for referrals, and post flyers on boards around your city both online and in person. Once word gets out your schedule will fill up quickly!

A great side benefit of cleaning is that it’s a workout! I don’t know anyone who does a good clean in their home and doesn’t break a sweat. Cleaning actually burns 160 calories per hour! Now imagine if you added in ankle weights!

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4. Server

This one is tricky, but becoming a server can be a great way to stay fit since servers don’t ever sit down and they walk miles each shift. The catch is that you can’t snack on the food! Servers spend hours each night on their feet and never stop. Wearing good supportive shoes is a good idea if you take on this side hustle to earn some extra cash. Ladies put the heels down! Wearing high heels and serving can lead to back, leg, and foot pain. There are lots of cute flats you can wear that will hide good support so that you can be fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

The extra cash you make in tips at this side hustle won’t need to be spent on a gym membership, that’s for sure!

5. Landscaper

There are many reasons why someone would want to hire a landscaper to do their yard work for them. Some people are too busy with work or their children to care for their yard. Or maybe they leave on business regularly and need someone to care for their lawn while they are away. Perhaps they’ve lived a long life and aren’t physically able to get out on their knees and do the weeding like they used to.

Whatever the reason may be there is a large opening in the market for good landscapers to do the yard work that other people can’t or won’t do for themselves. Why is this a good thing? Well if you like to be outside getting in some good sunshine, love to care for lawns and plants, and aren’t afraid of some hard work becoming a landscaper is another side hustle that will keep you fit, too!

I don’t know anyone who heads outside to cut the lawn, rake leaves, do spring garden cleanout or fall garden winter prep without breaking a sweat! Gardening and lawn care is hard work and that’s why being a landscaper is a great side hustle to keep you fit and healthy!

Gardening and yard work can burn calories and build muscle from all the walking and hauling heavy materials. If you take on this side hustle make sure you use proper lifting techniques so that you don’t hurt yourself, and know your limits. Otherwise, this is a great choice because it’s in high demand!

Which one of these amazing side hustles would you pick to help keep you fit while earning great money on the side?

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