Write Lesson Plans and Curriculum

If you’re a full-time teacher, you know the hours that need to be put in each week to prepare lesson plans. You already have a full-time schedule teaching, but you might need to put in from 20 to 30 hours just planning your lessons. Teachers everywhere share this burden. Many of them like to create their own lesson plans and teach in the style that they want to, but it takes too much time. Teachers are looking for some extra help with this problem, and that’s where sites like Teachers Pay Teachers come in.

This site lets you sell lesson plans. Choose the ones that have achieved results in the classroom so that other teachers can purchase and use them effectively. If you have good lesson plans, you can become very successful with Teachers Pay Teachers because teachers really are always looking for ways to save time. They work all day, and then come home and have to spend time working at night. If you’re a teacher and you have lesson plans that have worked for you in the past, why don’t you think about uploading some of them online to make an extra few bucks? The potential for residual income is why this made it on our Side Hustle Master List.


Write lesson plans and curriculum




Requires knowledge/training in education; will be easier for more experienced teachers.


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Teachers Pay Teachers has two membership plans. The first is called Basic Seller and is free, but it only lets you collect 55% of what you sell. They also take a $0.30 transaction fee each time you sell an item. Some items are short pieces of information which are only sold between $1 and $2. This should be taken this into consideration when setting your prices. Their second membership plan is called Premium Seller and it costs $59.95 for the year, but you get to make 80% on everything you sell. They also drop the transaction fee down to $0.15 if the order is under $3. If selling lesson plans sounds like something you’d like to do, check out the links below for more information.

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