Work as a Tour Guide/Trip Advisor

Working as a tour guide can be a rewarding side hustle, and if you have the schedule or flexibility, you can even be a destination guide and travel all over the world. Taking on this gig definitely takes a certain type of person. You have to be a self-starter, you have to have the patience for working with different kinds of people from all over the world, and you have to have the organization to manage and plan trips for other people.

A good place to start is in your local area. Even if you don’t live in a destination city, there’s probably a city within a couple of hours of you where people vacation to. You can think about seaside or lakeside towns, historical locations, and other spots that can be popular for foreigners. Try to get connected in the local economy and see if you can advertise at local hotels or events. Just make sure you know the area well. Nothing’s worse than having a tour guide who doesn’t know the answer to your question. If you start your own tour guide side gig, you can expect to make between $50 and $150 per day, and that’s why it’s on our Side Hustle Master List.


Work as a Tour Guide/Trip Advisor




Most tour guides work as freelancers, optional training for job, requires ample time off, online presence/blog will support side business.


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Destination Travel Guide

Once you get your own area down, you’ll have some history providing good service to clients. At this point, you could launch your own travel guide service for destinations. You’ll have more responsibility, but you can charge a higher price to meet a group of travelers overseas and take them on adventures. To get into this market, it’s a good idea to partner up with travel bloggers or businesses located at the destination. There’s a lot to plan with this side hustle, so check out the links below for more information.

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