Wedding Planner

This side hustle yesterday is an old one. If you’re able to multitask and manage different things of once, you could be a great wedding planner. A successful wedding planner helps couples plan every aspect of their wedding, from venue and food to music and minister. The most in-demand wedding planners have large networks of vendors that they can call upon to create a beautiful ceremony.

Since any metro area usually has a high number of wedding planners to choose from, it’s is a competitive industry. It helps to start off with some formal training if you are new to wedding planning. There are professional diplomas that you can get for wedding planning, and these will help boost your credibility in the client’s eyes. After you get some training, start out by helping with friends weddings or helping other wedding planners that you’ve connected with. If all goes well, you can expect to make around $75 an hour once you are a professional. The potential for extra income is why we chose this for our Side Hustle Master List.


Wedding Planner


Entertainment & Events


Requires event planning skills, management of a variety of details that need to be ironed out (can be changeable over time), and working hand-in-hand with couples.


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Tips for Your Wedding Planning Business

You have to be able to handle pressure if you want to be a wedding planner. Couples are trusting you with the biggest day of their lives, and you have to be sure that you can deliver to exceed their expectations. It helps if you come from a business background because you’ll have to juggle things like vendor relationships, invoicing, budgets, and marketing strategies. Like many freelancing opportunities, it helps if you choose a niche. Example niches are day-of wedding services or destination weddings. A niche can help you stand out to the customers that are looking for your particular services. Starting your own wedding planning business is a large undertaking, so be sure to check out the links below for more ideas.

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