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Copywriting is an umbrella term used to describe any number of writing jobs that are promotional in nature. Blog writing can even be considered copywriting when the goal is to increase organic traffic to a website. If you haven’t heard this term before, it can be confusing when you hear it spoken out loud. You might think it has to do with copyright law. But just one letter in the word changes its meaning completely.

Copywriting is all about conveying clear ideas and moving people to action. It helps if you have some sort of sales background, but you don’t have to be the most outgoing person in public to be a successful copywriter in print. The writings that copywriters produce are called copy, so you’ll hear people talk about web copy or email copy, and things like that. The most common types of copywriting are the copy for pages on a website such as services or about us pages, blog posts, and landing pages. We chose copywriting for our Side Hustle Master List because almost anybody can find a specialty in it.






Requires writing skills and self-promotion- online, word of mouth.


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The Business of Copywriting

If you grew up wanting to be a creative writer, it can be hard to transition into the business of copywriting. But as you start your freelance copywriting gig, it’s good to remember that top copywriters can get paid over $1,000 per web page or more. Even just starting out, a decent copywriter can expect to make between $20 and $50 an hour. Money like that will allow you to do a few hours of work.  It also enables you with time for your creative writing pursuits. There are many aspects to being a successful copywriter.  Be sure to check out the links below for more information.

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