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Doing online teaching or tutoring is an awesome way to make side money, especially if you enjoy helping people. Education is becoming more of an important part in our lives, and many students are looking for ways to make sure they ace their tests. You don’t have to have a teaching degree to teach online. All that is needed is that you have more knowledge in an area than the students you teach would have. You could have a specialty in math, English, science or social studies. Some websites to let you tutor other subjects like music and the arts.

If you are able to teach the core subjects mentioned earlier to a high degree, you’ll be in demand as a teacher.  Subjects like art, music, or business are usually geared towards adult students who are taking classes on their own time. The website Wyzant for example gets really specific with music. You can teach music theory, music composition, music history, or even teach voice lessons on the site. The same site also offers subjects in design including graphic design, architecture, and web design. There is bound to be something you can teach, and that’s why this is part of our Side Hustle Master List.


Teaching & Online Tutoring




Requires knowledge in a particular area, can set rates per hour


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Create a course

If you have a little bit more experience teaching a certain subject, you might want to consider creating your own course for a site like Teachable or Udemy. Maybe you’re a teacher in a very specialized subject like AI or investing. You can create your own course, complete with lecture videos, downloadable assignments, and tests for people to take and master the subject. Teachable lets you customize how your online school looks to fit your own branding. It allows you to accept payments from any number of currencies. Just take an inventory of what you’re really good at, outline it as a course, create the content, and start selling online. Their basic plan starts at $39/month, and besides that they just take a small 5% transaction fee. For some more ideas, check out the links below.

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