Teach People to Use Their Smartphones and Devices

This side Hustle is probably the easiest thing for Millennials to do. The millennial generation grew up with rapid changes in technology. They’ve been able to keep learning new technology quickly, while baby boomers still might not know what Bluetooth is. If there are a lot of Baby Boomers in your area, you could really capitalize on this side hustle. If you’re on this website right now, chances are that you have the skills to teach others how to use technology.

One exciting thing about technology is that voice recognition keeps getting better and better. You could make that a cornerstone of your lesson plans and teach everyone you can how to use voice commands in their devices. Your parents and grandparents would probably be excited to know that they can type out a whole email just with their voice. They can even ask Siri or Alexa what the weather is like in Palm Springs. Skills for this side Hustle are probably already inside you, and that’s why we chose it for our Side Hustle Master List.


Teach people how to use smartphones & modern devices




Requires marketing to the baby-boomer generation


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Setting up the business

Setting up a technology teaching business has similarities to setting up a music teaching business. You first have to define what your skills are and what you can teach. Then decide how you want to teach it, and then go and find people to teach.  The best way of finding people like this is to probably go through networks that you have. You could ask your parents or grandparents if they have any friends who need a quick refresh on how to use their phones, and from there keep asking for referrals. You probably won’t make a hundred bucks a day doing this, but it could certainly pay for the gas you use during the week if you find enough people to teach. Check out the links below for some more ideas on this side hustle.

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