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This side hustle needs no introduction. Exchanging goods for money is a foundation of our society. Here, we’re taking a look at it from a side hustle perspective. It is very easy to get into since you don’t need much money to get started. Two basic types of online selling include selling things you create, and reselling things you’ve bought. You can really take this side hustle anywhere you want to go.

There is an endless variety to the things you can create for selling online. Sites like Etsy and Shopify let you open up an online storefront to sell handmade items. It could be anything from jewelry and pottery to paintings and drawings. Social media can help you can make a successful craft business as well. The more people like what you create, the more they will share it with their friends and online. Selling online made it on our Side Hustle Master List because you can make money selling what you create doing it.


Sell Things Online


Online Businesses


Leverage popular sales channels, list/sell the right THINGS with the right stories to attract the most attention; creativity and marketing are vital


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Goodwill and Garage Sale Flipping

The other main option is to sell things you’ve bought for a small profit.  We call this flipping. The golden rule of investing applies here: buy low, sell high. Concentrate on your background and the niches that you’re familiar with.

If you’ve been involved in higher education, you might notice that Goodwill often sells valuable books at the same price as their regular stock. This is the same for garage sales and items on craigslist. Sometimes people just want quick cash, and you can profit from the situation if you know the real value of what they are selling. Or, you might be really into sports and notice that there is a pair of high end soccer cleats selling for $8.

Once you make a few purchases, list your item on Ebay or other niche sites where people are more likely to search for what you offer. Your resale profits would be a lot less if you used Craigslist to sell. Check out these articles for some more ideas:

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