Offer Clothing Alterations

You might have skills with a sewing needle. You could be the one all of your family and friends go to to get their clothes fixed or altered. But have you thought about charging for this service? It could be a great way for you to make a little extra cash doing something you’d probably be doing anyway.

So how would you charge for this? Well, it could take some experimentation. One option would be to charge per task, so you have a fee for applying a patch, a fee for doing a hem, a fee for tailoring a top. Even if you charge $5 for something simple, you’d probably be able to get it done quickly and maximize your time. Charging by task would be more profitable than charging by the hour (and they don’t have to know how long it took you). The potential for side income is why we chose this for our Side Hustle Master List.


Offer clothing alterations


Business Services


Advertise online, requires specific skills, need to build customer base.


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Getting Jobs

When you’re starting out with a new freelance service, it can be hard to find clients. But altering clothes is a visible skill, so there are some unique opportunities. You could have a party to show off your skills, for example. Take some measurements of your friends and then buy some fun 80s pieces at your local thrift store. Tailor them to fit your models and show them off at the party. You could have a mini fashion show and hand out business cards for your custom tailoring services. Another idea is to put flyers in your local consignment shops. You’d probably have to stay away from big brand stores since they don’t normally allow advertising from outside businesses. You can do a lot with this side hustle, so check out the links below for more information.

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