Help People Move

Are you able to lift heavy items? Do you have a few friends you could enlist for large moving jobs? Then this could be a great side hustle for you. People move all the time, and many prefer to hire movers to help them. Think back to the last time you moved. Chances are, it took longer than you anticipated, and was more frustrating in the end. A mover can alleviate all of those issues.

The main thing people care about is if they can trust their movers. Larger organizations have an advantage in this area because their movers are trained and insured. But with a little work, you can position your services as trustworthy and save clients money at the same time. You might not have the same business tools as a large company, but you can charge less than they do because you don’t have the same expenses. That’s why we chose this for our Side Hustle Master List.


Help people move


Business Services


Advertise online, profitable if you own a vehicle to transfer large items (furniture), may need insurance.


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Strategies to Get Clients

One thing you could try to get clients is to keep an eye on the real estate listings in your area. When you see that a house has sold, drop by and leave a flyer or business card on the front steps. There’s a chance the homeowners could see it and give you a call. Many people enjoy working with local businesses over a nationwide chain. In this same vein, you could start a blog and put up a few posts about your experience moving people in your area. If you do a little research on SEO or search engine optimization, you could become the first website people see when they look for moving help in your area. Take a look a the links below for more information.

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