Become an Online Juror

No, this side hustle won’t get you out of doing jury duty. But it will be a fun way to spend a couple of hours and make some extra cash. The sites JuryTalk, Online Verdict, and eJury provide a solution that connects attorneys with online jurors for mock trials and focus groups.

Attorneys can log on to these sites and present a case. Your job as a juror is to view their arguments and give your honest feedback. You can be paid anywhere from $10 an hour to $60 an hour depending on the project. The service that you provide as an online juror is crucial to the work that attorneys do. Through this service, they can get a good idea of public opinion surrounding a trial and base their arguments on those considerations. They can also find strengths and weaknesses in their arguments based on your feedback. We chose this for our Side Hustle Master List because it’s easy to get into and it’s also rewarding to be a part of.


Become an Online Juror


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Requires pre-registration online; paid per hour.


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A typical case will come to you via email and consist of a summary and arguments. Your job is to read over the case information and reply with your feedback, usually within a specified time frame. The compensation that you get is based on the amount of time the company estimates it would take you to review the information. They usually pay by check a couple of weeks after the fact. It can be rewarding because you get to take part in helping judicial system work. The group of online jurors can consist of anywhere from 25 to 50 people so the lawyers can get the best feedback possible. But there are some screening questions to go through before you start. Are you thinking about this side hustle? Check out the links below for more information.

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