Become a Translator

Our world is constantly becoming more globalized, and as a result, people need translators more than ever. If you have knowledge of a second language, you can create a reliable side hustle for yourself. Depending on what you translate, you don’t need to have perfect knowledge of the language, either. If you work online, you can even become location-independent and do your work from anywhere.

Translators are needed in a variety of settings, from educational to business to personal. The first step is to decide how much of your second language you have down. Are you able to translate a blog? A college paper? A medical document? Higher paid translators will be able to tackle any job, but with some good marketing, an entry-level translator can get great pay as well. That’s why it’s on our Side Hustle Master List.


Become a translator


Business Services


Time consuming to learn languages; may need to take classes either online or in person; can translate online or in-person.


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Getting Clients

If you prefer working with people in real life, see if you can offer your translation services at your local city hall or tourist information centers. These locations see a lot of people who need translation services, and you could be there to help. If you prefer working online, there are many job boards that connect freelance translators with jobs. You just have to sift through a lot of low-paying offers. Another option in the online space is to create your own website and launch a mini-agency. You don’t need to hire people full time, just hand of your extra work to another freelancer from time to time.

For example, someone might come to you seeking a German translation, when you don’t speak German. In that case, you could charge that client a fee which would also cover the fee of a German translator. You could become a one-stop-shop in that way. Check out the links below for more ideas on translation.

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