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Being a freelance writer has its benefits. Often, freelance writing is portrayed as an ideal job, where the writer is sitting on a beach sipping a piña colada. This doesn’t have to be so far from the truth, though. Freelance writers can make good money when they write things that people pay for. It’s pretty hard to become a successful author for writing a fantasy novel, but your writing skills can pay off when you sell your services.

Freelance writing encompasses a number of jobs. You could be a blogger, a journalist, a copywriter, or anything else that requires the written word. A great way to break into the writing market is to do some guest posts. This will allow you to write about your specialty areas and show people what you’re capable of. There are lots of websites, blogs and media outlets that look for guest articles. Just type your area of interest and the words “guest post” into Google and you’ll see results. Freelance writing can be done on your terms, and this is why it made it onto our Side Hustle Master List.


Become a freelance writer




Requires writing skills and self-promotion- online, word of mouth.


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Another thing that can help you in your freelance writing career is to specialize in a certain area. It might seem counterintuitive to narrow down what you can do. However, if a client comes across two freelancers and one of them specializes in the area that they’re looking for, they’ll most likely go with the specialist. To find your specialization, just think about what you’re good at and what interests you. Content marketing has become more and more important for businesses, and that’s what freelance writing is all about. Check out the links below for more information.

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