Become a Brand Ambassador

This side hustle is pretty varied. You can be a brand ambassador on Instagram, as a blogger, or on social media online. You could also be one in person, being paid to go to certain events and demo products. Whatever way appeals to you, you can probably find some way to benefit from the brands that you like.

The biggest part of being a brand ambassador is appreciating the brand. If you don’t, your followers will find out, and your arrangement with the brand will fizzle out. If you’re rethinking about being a brand ambassador, take a look at the things you use every day. Is there a certain brand that you’re drawn to? Maybe you’re a photographer and only use Nikon equipment. Or perhaps you’re into sports and only wear Adidas. Next, build your online following with a focus towards that brand. Be honest about what you do and like, but make sure that the brand has some presence in your content. We chose this side hustle for our Side Hustle Master List for the variety it provides.


Become a brand ambassador




Requires guiding consumer experience.


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It’s About The Following

Brands will only want to work with you if you already have a following. They don’t want to wait around while you grow your Instagram account of 50 followers. But if you have some following, and your activities can spark a symbiotic relationship with a brand, you have a good chance of becoming a brand ambassador. The next thing is just to pitch yourself to different businesses and test the waters. It might not happen right away so concentrate on opening a conversation with the brand first. It could lead to a nice side hustle. When you work in this field, you can expect to make between $250 and $600 a week. Check out the links below for more information.

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