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Becoming a bartender is a classic side hustle. It can even be so lucrative that it’s many peoples main hustle. Unlike being a restaurant server, you do have to go to bartending school to become a bartender. This is mainly because you have to memorize so many types of drinks and be able to make them quickly. Even though many bars have a selection of signature cocktails, you have to be ready to make any one of the hundreds of drinks that people request everyday. But it is often worth it for the high amount of tips that you get. If you like being around people, this is the side hustle for you. Many bartenders act as nighttime therapists for their customers, and you can meet some really interesting people when you bartend.


So how much is school? Bartending school can cost anywhere from $250 to 1000 dollars. It would be more expensive in areas that have highly competitive bars like Las Vegas, or if you attend a renown bartending school. Be prepared to make lots of flash cards and study recipes late Into the night. The return on your investment is huge, and that’s why bartending is on our Side Hustle Maser List.






Working nights and weekends will bring in more income; need to take bartending course for certification before finding a work


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Benefits of bartendingAfter you finish bartending school, you will begin to reap the benefits of your investment. Good bartenders are always in demand, and they make great wage. Since bartenders rely on tips, it can be hard to get good research on what people in this profession actually make.

There’s always stories about millionaire bartenders who your friend’s friend knows, but there’s a reason for this. An average hourly rate including tips would be $25 an hour. That’s pretty good for mixing drinks. It’s pretty easy to go beyond that into the $40 to $60 per hour range if you are in the right location. But sometimes it’s unpredictable what you can make at a place. You might think a bartender at a sports bar wouldn’t receive great tips, but on the big game nights it’s common to walk away with an extra $400 just for that shift. See the links below for more information.

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