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15 Jun, 2010 | by
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As you might remember from my “Gilding the Lily” post, I’ve been in love with Regina B. accessories for months.  I’ve been planning on purchasing my bridal jewelry from her for the past year-and-half, and I thought I had a clear idea of which pieces I wanted.  Recently, however, I’ve had to reconsider my “vision.”  While I was watching wedding planner extraordinaire David Tutera’s show “My Fair Wedding” (presumably, I’ll return to being a normal human being after my own wedding and will stop watching such things), I saw a magnificent, elaborate comb that I had previously not noticed on her website.  Here’s a photo of its beauteous sparkliness:

I immediately beat a path to her website, www.reginab.com, and clicked on the “What’s new” tab.  Before me unfolded various images of breathtaking, sparkly newn combs, earrings and bracelets that made me salivate.  Some of the new combs even featured feathers!  For a few moments, I thought I might swap out my original comb and choose something feathery to tie in with my attendants’ feather fascinators and the feathers in my bouquet.  In the end, however, I decided that it would be risking feather overkill.  Here is another of my favorite new pieces by Regina B.:




As for my own trousseau, I have reconsidered the accessories I had initally chosen.  I still love my initial vision, but Regina B.’s new pieces are just so dramtic and tantalizing that I couldn’t resist making some changes.  Thankfully, I waited before placing my order, so I was free to change my mind.  While much of my initial vision is still intact, her new mother-of-pearl flower combs are so deliciously over-the-top that I’ve decided to swap my original, simpler comb for somethign more dazzling.  After all, I won’t be wearing a veil — just a simple birdcage visor for the ceremony — so I think I can pull off a more dramatic comb without looking overwhelmed or over-accessorized.  The order won’t be placed till mid-summer or thereabouts, so I’ll keep you posted.  In any case, here is another Regina B. piece for you to feast your eyes upon:





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  1. Catering
    June 20th, 2010 at 10:46 pm #

    Lovely picture. Congrats!

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