Monday, September 29, 2008

Land of the Little Mermaid: Copenhagen

After visiting Stockholm a month or so ago, I told myself I would love to get another glimpse of Scandinavia! I was fortunate enough to fulfill that desire by heading out to Copenhagen, Denmark for the weekend. The weather was perfect which made for a great couple days of site seeing. Unfortunately the Tivoli Gardens were closed (only the week before) for the season but I still managed to get a good sense of what Copenhagen was all about. One interesting thing I learned about Copenhagen. The original fairytale (1836) of "The Little Mermaid" and its Danish author, Hans Christian Anderson, are a very big deal in Denmark. Hans actually lived in Nyhavn for 19 years and is still seen as a national icon to this day.

The following photos were taken on the weekend of September 26. Here are some of my favorite hotspots:
1. Churchhill Park (Park was not even mentioned by either the concierge or my research as a site I needed to see in Copenhagen. I stumbled upon it after seeing the little mermaid statue and it ended up being my favorite place. Beautiful landscapes capped off with an awesome windmill really made my day)
Nyhavn Canal Cruise (Amazing cruise. Felt similar to Amsterdam and Sweden yet maintained its own unique charm)
Amalienborg Palace
2. Little Mermaid Statue (National symbol of Denmark)
3. The Round Tower (Oldest observatory in Europe that is still in use. Built in 1642.)
4. Relaxing in the latin quarter.
5. The Stroget (Longest shopping street in Copenhagen)
6. The Marble Church
7. Rosenborg Castle (I love the grounds)
8. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (amazing museum)

To view the entire collection of photos taken over the weeked, please click the slideshow below:

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