Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Day trip to Salzburg!

Photos taken on March 29th
I was fortunate enough to take an impromptu day trip to Austria last weekend after some colleagues sensed I needed to unplug a bit. I had no idea of what to expect of the city but I was assured that I would love it. To be honest...I was just excited to go someplace as I had no plans for the weekend and the thought of mulling around in the hotel was just too depressing to think about. I can honestly say the trip was a pleasant surprise that made my entire week worthwhile. It was an amazingly scenic ride to get there. Windmills, snowcapped mountains, quaint villages, etc. Great company and conversation also made the three hour drive fly by.

Lessons learned from the trip:
1. Salzburg is so clean that you can quite literally eat off the floor.
2. Mozart was born there. (sorry, I honestly did not know that)
3. Not only was he born there, but there is a famous chocolate brand (founded in 1890 but ) that was named after him and is actively sold to tourists just about every 20 feet you go in the city. I bought two myself. :)

Here are some photos from the trip:

River Salzach:

Very lively strip of shops & restaurants:

Salzburger Dom – Salzburg Cathedral: So beautiful inside

The Domplatz (“Cathedral Square”): Very cool place

Yeah...That's a statue. Freaked me out when I first saw it.

Hohensalzburg Fortress: It was a tough walk to the top, but well worth with.

Inside the fortress or photos from the fortress: The view of the mountains was spectacular

My walk back to dinner:

You guessed it. Playing music composed by Mozart: He was awesome and a little weird looking!

Restaurant where we had dinner: Fingerfoods....Very interesting...and tasty

Thank you Charles & Emma for a great trip!

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