Monday, March 3, 2008

Stick, Porsche, Autobahn and Mehdi

Pictures were taken on February 13th:

Ah, this was a fun evening...This was the night of my first Porsche experience. My colleague (Mehdi) took me out for a spin in his Boxster after I showed a mild interest in seeing what she can do. Learn more about Mehdi and his professional experience by clicking here: Click here to view.

We started the night by cruising around the town with the top down and the heat blasting. It was actually quite comfortable for a while. Mehdi then proceeded to methodically inform me of the true brilliance of Porsche by speaking to each of vehicle's superb attributes. It was great! If you knew Mehdi's playful personality and distinct accent, it would bring a smile to your face and perhaps even spark an uncontrollable chuckle or two. I mean this is the guy that said "I like to drive fast to feel alive", followed by: "I like getting tickets now and then so I don't feel so lame". Come on...How funny is that? As we made our way to the Autobahn, I have to admit I was getting a bit anxious. I mean, we were heading to a section of the highway with no speed limit, which is obviously what the infamous road is known for. As we turned the bend and made our way to the onramp, Mehdi dramatically turns down the music while simultaneously tilting his head in my direction. He then says...I kid you not. "Listen...Listen to the sound. (Referring to the engine as he revved it up) This is the sound of Porsche...So beautiful...Are you ready? Here we gooooooo!" I started laughing hysterically but was quickly silenced as were blew down the highway. I was immediately amazed by the acceleration and the control as we weaved in and out of traffic. I didn't have the courage to look over at the speedometer but he mentioned we maxed out at around 230 kph or 142 mph. I think he sensed I was getting a bit nervous so he held back on me quite a bit. He later confirmed my thought. I'm such a wimp.

As we made our way back to the hotel, he insisted I test drive his car. The obvious problem was that I have never driven standard before. I know...Pathetic. He then graciously offered to give me my first lesson. Guys got the patience of a saint. It was awesome! You won't see me driving on the highway anytime soon but I think I've officially mastered speeds between 0 - 10 mph. Hey...It's a work in progress but how cool of a story is it to say I took my first lesson in a Porsche? :)

So on to some visuals to complete your mental imagery of the evening:

Mehdi's Magical Boxster (He gets his new one in 3 months):

Just after my moment of glory:

Striking a pose:

Moment of contemplation as I strongly considered stealing Mehdi's car:

The man...The myth. Mr. Mehdi Farhadi:

Thanks for the memorable evening my friend. Until our next lesson.

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