Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cheers, from London!

Photos taken from the weekend of March 1st, 2008.
My weekend retreat to London was a wonderful time. I expected rain and got sunshine instead. I'm big on exploring new towns on foot and try to avoid public transportation at all cost. I just feel there's no better way to get a true feeling of a new location then by foot. One tends to overlook things on those cheesy tourist buses. My sightseeing consisted of a 7 hour walk on Saturday and about 3 hours on Sunday. Well worth it.

Lessons learned from my weekend excursion:
1. Taxi drivers and bus drivers are crazier then NYC drivers. It actually seemed like they were intentionally trying to run people over at times.
2. I observed several unrelated conversations where English people opened display a pure distain for French people.
3. The British currency is so much stronger then the US currency that it actually makes me physically ill to think about it.
4. Tourists always mix up the Tower Bridge with the London Bridge.

Here are some photos from my weekend:

Buckingham Palace:

Saint Paul's Cathedral which was easily my favorite spot:

The old London Tower:

The Tower Bridge (Very impressive up close):

Photo I took within the National Museum. This was seconds before a security guard verbally scolded me and insisted I put away my camera immediately. Whoops...I was in complete tourist mode and didn't even think before I clicked. Oh well:

The London Eye:

Photos taken from within the eye:

Cheesy picture in front of Big Ben:
Trafalgar Square (awesome place...Tons of energy):

James Park (and a freakishly big bird):

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