Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bon dia Porto!

The following photos were from my Portugal visit on weekend of February 16th.

So I decided to take a little weekend excursion to visit some family in Portugal. It's been years since I've seen them and I really felt right at home from the moment I arrived. Very typical of portuguese hospitality.

Prior to my visit, I had three expectations for my little weekend adventure:

First, I wanted to have a rematch with my cousin at Pro Evolution Soccer (PC Game). Last time we played he was staying with my parents (over 2 years ago now), in the states, as he worked towards his masters degree at Columbia. I'm not much of a gamer, but he was at the time so we played peridocially. He beat me in our last match so a rematch was very much on the top of my list. I can proudly say that I beat him 2-1, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I did it while he played with a faulty controller. A win is a win...Am I right?

The second item on my list was to eat a special Portuguese dish called "francesinha". The dish originated in Porto, and is absolutely delicious...and probably deadly at the same time. If your curious to learn more about it: Click here to learn more. That too was checked off my list. I have a photo below to proove it.

My third and final desire was to kick the soccer ball around with my cousin. Unfortunately we did not have the time to squeeze that in but 2 out of 3 is not bad for a spur of the moment trip to Portugal.

Here are some photos from the weekend:

In this distance in Porto's historic district which flanks the River Douro or "river of gold". This area is where "port wine" (obviously a namesake for the area) was transported via the impressive river on boats similar to what's seen below:

Another nice shot:

Dom Luis I bridge:

My cousins! John and Luis:

Awww, how cute it that?

The magical dish I spoke of earlier:

John and his girlfriend Anna:

John and I striking a GQ pose:

John in his mini, patiently waiting for my to stop taking pictures:

A house John designed...He's an architect in case you miss the connection:

Louisa and I having some fun at the restaurant:

How devious does he look?:

A pensive moment:

Another nice shot of the river:

How many churches can you spot in the distance?:

The family dog. Just to give you some perspective, John's just shy of 6 feet. It's more like a family horse:

I just love the rustic look and feel of the architecture:

I thought I'd close with my favorite shot of the entire weekend. I've dubbed it "artist frozen in time". Dramatic, I know. He literally stayed in that position for a solid 2 minutes before he moved:

I just wanted to say thank you once again to my wonderful relatives for all the hospitality. It was quite a memorable weekend.

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