Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Guten Tag From Germany

I’m currently typing up this posting while I travel at 38,000 feet…It appears that I’m now at the center point between Frankfurt and JFK airport, directly over the Atlantic Ocean. This is the tail-end of my third week in Stuttgart for what has thus far been an exciting and challenging engagement. I’m sure there’s plenty more where that came from. Anyway…I wanted to take a moment to commemorate and share some of the non work related activities I’ve managed to squeeze in here during my short time.

Hope you enjoy! Also, t
he following photos were taken on the weekend of February 8th in Stuttgart, Germany.

Beautiful day in the park. Check out the size of that swan! :

Now this was interesting. It was probably the most intense game of Bocci I’ve ever seen. Located in a beautiful park directly across my hotel. Very competitive and angry old men. Good times... :

Chess pieces that require two hands to move them...You got to love that! Also enjoyed by competitive and angry old men. :

More of the park. I believe that’s some sort of museum, straight ahead. :

This is the Slozzplatz or town center. Very beautiful. Lots of energy. :

Museum courtyard in Stuttgart. I have no idea who the statue (Yes...I'm quite the historian aren't I) is of but I thought it looked cool. :

Interior of a beautiful Roman Catholic Church in Stuttgart. Very modern. Check out those pipes! :

Daimler Stadium. Picture does not do it justice, but trust me…It’s massive. :

Mercedes Benz Museum. It’s easily one of the most impressive pieces of modern architecture I’ve seen. It recently won some prestigious German architecture award. :

This picture is dedicated to my girlfriend’s brother (Joey) who is a big Formula 1 fan. Granted his a Ferrari fan but I’m sure he’ll appreciate it just the same. :

Just a crazy looking vehicle built in 1939. It’s main purpose as you might of guessed was to go fast. Really fast! 373MPH fast! Crazy. :

My new ride. Yes…It’s a McLaren SLR. :

I'd like to offer up a special thanks to a colleague of mine who kept me occupied most of the weekend with a slue of fun activities. Including Geocaching of all things. He even took me out to a nice restaurant for my first birthday away from home. Thanks Marty.

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