Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy

Porter's 5 Forces
It's been nearly 30 years since Harvard Professor, Michael E. Porter, wrote his original, ground breaking, article on "How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy". This framework has become a well known universal standard in strategic thought leadership in both management and marketing across any industry. It's also part of just about any reputable core curriculum in most business schools across the nation. I vividly recall numerous references to "Porter's Theory" in several courses back in my graduate school years.

This month, Porter has released an updated article called "The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy" which revisits segments of his original piece and expands on it by providing relevant examples of the framework as it applies to today's business environment.

It's a great read and definitely merits the investment of time. Right now, Harvard Business Review Online, is sharing the article for free at HBR.com or click here for a direct link.

You can also watch a Harvard Business Review interview of Porter where he speaks to the relevance of his latest work. Click here to watch the interview.

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